About Us

About Us

We develop cognitive systems that provide advanced analytical capabilities to the financial community.

We are a skilled team of math, finance and technology geeks who created a company combining data science and machine learning to develop models, insights, and linked data products powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Solve Big Problems

Uncover profitable investment opportunties by looking beyond the obvious to find connections in complex data sets.


Interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions via a natural language interface


Bring data to life, visualize relationships, explore divergent hypotheses and easily share insights with colleagues


Spend less time crunching data, identify the most relevant information moving markets, cover more stocks.

Alpha Vertex develops models, insights and linked data products powered by Artificial Intelligence to I to improve the way financial institutions discover and analyze investment opportunities.
We augment human creativity with machine intelligence allowing financial firms to make better decisions, manage risks and save costs.